A custom collaboration with: Quintiles

About Quintiles

Quintiles works with biopharma companies to navigate the New Health


The New Health is the fast-morphing world of biopharma, where the rules are changing on all fronts. In this challenging environment, Quintiles works with biopharmaceutical companies to develop and market treatments around the globe.

We’re the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical services company, offering clinical, commercial, consulting and capital solutions worldwide. We design and run clinical trials with precision and speed. We develop brand strategies and deploy sales or educational teams to improve physician knowledge and patient adherence. We consult on portfolio development and new funding and business models. And we invest our own human, intellectual and financial capital into non-traditional alliances that help bring to market new treatments we believe in.

In short, we help our biopharma allies turn healthy ideas into healthy people. Quintiles has worked with biopharma in the development or commercialization of the top 30 drugs and nine of the top 10 biologics on the market today.


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